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There have only been 3 Les Grandes Heures Automobiles events but it has already become a go-to at the legendary Linas-Montlhéry motor-racing track and a major autumn draw with 16,000 spectators in 2017. People and passion is how we would sum up Les Grandes Heures. It’s a vibrant weekend where you can drive or ride alongside other amazing vehicles and legendary drivers.

Les Grandes Heures isn’t a speed challenge; it’s a demonstration. There’s no sense of competition or speed here. This event’s sole aim is to be enjoyable without taking unnecessary risks. The idea is to do it your way in complete safety to protect the cultural legacy encapsulated by these vehicles.

The event is held on the track and 3.405 circuit at the Linas-Montlhéry motor-racing track near Paris. It is famous for its 51° slopes and has been the temple of motor racing and car, motorcycling and cycling records since 1924.

Do you have an amazing vehicle? Join us!