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30km from central Paris via the A6B motorway then the Nationale 20 highway.


23km from Orly Airport via the Nationale 20 highway.


14km from Massy TGV station via the Nationale 20 highway. 6km from Saint-Michel-sur-Orge RER C station (from Paris Austerlitz)


Is it a race?

Les Grandes Heures Automobiles isn’t a race as the Linas-Montlhéry motor-racing track hasn’t been approved for racing since 2004. It’s a fun and social get-together with cars, motorbikes and legendary drivers who drive for entertainment without the pressure of competition and AT NIGHT on Saturday until 10pm! You’ll have a “wheelie” good time whether it’s on two, three or four wheels!

What will we see driving?

On Saturday (9am-10pm) and Sunday (8am-6pm) you’ll get your fill of cars and motorbikes from every generation as well as renowned drivers in action. In terms of cars, you’ll see inter-war ones, single-seaters, prototypes, rally cars including the legendary Group B motors, supercars and amazing GTs. As for motorbikes, there’s everything you could wish for with the ultimate in speed and endurance bikes, classic rides and even quirky gems!

Who will we see driving?

Obviously there will be renowned drivers but there will also be drivers from every generation and discipline, collectors, enthusiasts and fans of this legendary Autodrome.

Where can I get my ticket?

On this website ce site or on-site.To save money on the price at the box office, we recommend booking your ticket in advance online. It’s cheaper than on-site (the weekend pass is 29 € online compared to 35 € at the Autodrome). You won’t just save money; you’ll save time when you get here too!

Do kids go free?

Yes! Entry is free for under 12s so you can pass your passion onto the next generation.

Can I bring my dog?

No. The Utac Ceram Group that owns the Linas-Montlhéry motor-racing track does not allow dogs for safety reasons. Imagine the danger if your pet runs off and gets onto the track.

Are barbecues allowed?

No. The Utac Ceram Group that owns the Linas-Montlhéry motor-racing track does not allow barbecues for safety reasons.

Where do we park?

All our car parks are free. The public tarmac car park is on part of the prestigious road circuit. A free shuttle service will take you to the Les Deux-Pont bend for the two day event including on Saturday until 11pm after the evening entertainment.

Is there parking for collector’s cars?

Are you coming to Les Grandes Heures Automobiles in a collector’s car? You can get a space in the “Official Car Park”. Be warned, spaces are limited! Please apply here:


Is there catering on-site?

There are lots of catering, snack and restaurant spots to get something to eat or drink and make a weekend of it.

What is there to do during Les Grandes Heures?

Loads of things! As well as watching legendary cars and motorbikes on the track, you can have a stroll around the paddocks and chat with the drivers. Watch demonstrations for all ages, explore the Manufacturer Village and Exhibitor Village, visit the Clubs, explore the exhibitions and activities, bid at the Aguttes auction or get something signed at sessions with famous drivers. If it rains then there’s a covered stand so you don’t miss the show, covered paddocks to see the cars and motorbikes and the exhibitors and restaurant are indoors.